What Our Customers are Saying ...

"The Chopper 1 is about the finest piece of log splitting equipment I have ever found. I had been using wedges all these years and now find that I can cut my fireplace wood as well as the stove wood so much faster and easier."
--William, Atlanta, GA

"Hurry! Send another! Your Chopper 1 Log Splitting Axe was such a hit (no pun intended) that a second such tool must reach me before Christmas!"
--Nancy, Cherry Hill, NJ

"Please send me, immediately one of your Chopper 1 wood splitters. I have used a friend's and it is amazing. It splits 12-16" oak logs like toothpicks, and it even does quick work on elm which I have found to be the toughest wood to split so far."
--John, Manitoba, CAN

"I received my Chopper 1. I think it is fantastic. I especially like to watch the wood fly apart, it makes the job more fun!"
--George, Whitefish, MT

What is the Chopper  1 ?

aboutUsAxe.gifSplitting wood with The Chopper1 is faster and easier than with any conventional axe. The key lies in the rotating levers on each side of the axe's head. When the blade enters the wood, the levers swing out, directing the downward chopping force outward and exploding the log apart from the inside.

By chopping and splitting at the same time, the Chopper1 makes wedges and mallets unnecessary. And the Chopper1's design makes it practically impossible for the axe to become wedged in the wood.

Since 1977, the Chopper1 has taken the frustration out of splitting wood. And now it's back, and available exclusively through this site. Buy it now!